Pios secure another win, defeating Pacific Lutheran

Pios secure another win, defeating Pacific Lutheran


PORTLAND, Ore. -- The No. 1 singles match was the only one the Lewis & Clark Pioneers couldn't win in an 8-1 defeat of Pacific Lutheran on Sunday at the L&C Tennis Dome.

With three quick doubles matches, the Pios (6-1 NWC)  overtook the Lutes early, grabbing the first three points of the matchup. The No. 1 and No. 2 pairs grabbed wins in less than an hour, only letting a combined six games against. Just as coach Jimmy Chao said at the beginning of the season, Lewis & Clark played with their doubles lineup today. With Kacey Incerpi out for the day, and Natalie Kelly back from basketball season, the Pios presented three new pairings.

At No. 1, Kelly and Josie Legarza took their match, 8-4. With the largest margin of the day, the No. 2 pair Christine Eliazo and Tash Hood only let two games go, for a set score of 8-2. Finishing up a few minutes later, Wiktoria Plawska and Glenna Gee-Taylor posted an 8-3 set score. They grabbed the third point for Lewis & Clark, putting them in a good spot for singles play.

At No. 3, Kelly was the first to finish. Not letting a game go in the first set, she won 6-0, 6-3. Chloe Sermet, at No. 4, dropped her first set 6-2, but was able to come back and only let one game against in a second set, 6-1, win. Pacific Lutheran (0-5 NWC) decided to play the full third set at No. 4. Sermet eventually won the third set, 6-0. The second to finish, Hood won both sets 6-2, grabbing the fifth point for the Pioneers.

#13 Plawska was two games short of a first set win. The Lute's Caroline Dreher, who has yet to win a match in NWC play, took the first set 6-4. Plawska cut Dreher's games won in half in the second set, winning 6-3. Pushed to a tiebreaker, the pair was tied 9-9. The rule for tiebreakers is the first person to 10 wins, as long as the win is by two. Dreher solidified her first match of the season, eventually winning the tiebreaker, 11-9.

At No. 5, Gee-Taylor only let one game go, winning 6-0, 6-1. The last to finish, Adrienne Fox won the first set 6-2, to finish off 6-0 in the second set. 

Lewis & Clark lies in second place in the NWC, behind Whitman College. The Pioneers travel to Walla Walla next weekend to try to up-end the undefeated Blues, Saturday at 10 a.m.

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