Physical Education



“Promoting Fitness & Community”

The Lewis & Clark College Administration recognizes that the campus environment has the talents and facilities to encourage and support employees in living healthy lifestyles.  The Employee Fitness Program exists to bring together interested faculty and staff in enjoyable physical activity while enriching their connections to the broader campus community.

Spring 2015 Classes Start January 20th!!!


Cardio Tennis, Deep H2O Run, Cycling, X-Train & Core, Mind/Body Fusion & Power Hour


All Classes are 12-12:45p.m.



  • All  Special Employee classes will have a user's fee requirement. The $30.00 per semester user fee can be paid at Student Accounts (cashier's office) with receipts to the Program Coordinator and/or the Program Staff/Faculty Liaison.
  • Employees should receive approval from their supervisors for adjusting their work day hours to accommodate participation.
  • It is also recommended that employees receive approval from their physician before beginning any exercise program.

This program creates an opportunity for regular exercise participation through special classes for employees, existing physical education courses, intramural participation, and during open recreation hours in the indoor and outdoor facilities.  In addition, as part of an overall wellness program, there may be learning opportunities such as lectures and workshops.  By being responsive to employees who are health conscious, it is the hope of the program to be proactive, and positively impact employees and their health insurance costs for the institution.


  • CARE: Community & Recreation for Employees Additional information is available on the CARE website (see the link above).
  • Intramurals Information with current activities and schedules is on the PE/A website (see the link above). 
  • Open Recreation  For available times in the Gym, Gym Foyer, Fitness Center/Weight Room, Pool, and Other Indoor & Outdoor Facilities, please check the current Facilities Schedule on the PE/A website (see the link above).

Tennis Dome Access For open recreation times, please check the current Facilities Schedule on the PE/A website (see the link above).

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